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Home Inspector Tool Kit for Orlando Fl


Zip-It Drain Cleaner


Do not use chemical drain cleaners.

While these drain cleaners can clear most clogged

drains they also corrode the inside of the drain pipe

leaving behind a rough surface and over time

this rough surface will be prone to trap debris

faster and more often, causing you to add chemicals more often. This process will eventually lead to having the pipes replaced.




A "Zip-It" cleaner will clear most traps without the need for a plumber or chemical cleaner. You can find these at most home improvement centers for less than $5.00.


drain cleaner


Simply run some hot water while inserting the
"Zip-It" cleaner into the drain a couple of times cleaning it off in between. Let the water run for about 5 minutes and drain should be flowing like new. This is great for tubs and showers where the drain trap is not accessible.



By using inexpensive tools and tips like this you can take care of most simple repairs, before they become expensive repair bills!


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