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Types of Home Inspections

Types of Home Inspections We Offer


Basic Home/Condo/Townhouse Inspection


A basic home inspection consists of at least the following:


Site Grounds & Grading

Lot Area


Roofing Components

Soffit & Fascia

Gutters & Downspouts

Exterior & Structure

Exterior Walls

Garage / Carport

Out-buildings, etc.

Porches, Decks, Patios

Heating & Cooling System

Plumbing Systems

Electrical Systems & Components

Interior Components

Attic & Attic Access

Walls, Floors & Ceilings


Interior Surfaces

Doors & Windows

Kitchen & Bathrooms


Pre-Listing Consultation


A Pre-Listing Consultation is visual walk through with the seller before the property is listed or just after it has been listed. It is a great way to avoid the "Big Surprise" of what the buyer's home inspector might find. This is a consultation....not an inspection. For more information check on our website under "For Sellers"


Termite, Pest, and WDO Inspection
(Wood Destroying Organisms)
ID #JE227194


This type of inspection can only be completed by inspectors with a valid pest control identification card designating them as having received special training to perform such inspections. Not all Home Inspectors can perform a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection. A WDO (termite) inspection is an inspection of the structure for visible and accessible evidence of termites or damage by other wood destroying organisms.


The inspector will note any evidence of:


  • Live termites or other wood destroying organisms


  • Infestation by termites or other wood destroying organisms


  • Damage by termites or other wood destroying organisms.



The Client will also be given tips on how to help prevent infestation of wood destroying organisms.


Septic Inspection

(Performed by a sub contractor) 


A septic system can be a major and costly problem when buying a home. Many times a Septic Inspection is the only way to actually tell if the system has been maintained and functioning correctly. We offer a complete evaluation of the septic system. We take the time to discuss any concerns you have. We will open the tank and distribution box, pump the tank, clean the filter, inspect the tank and surrounding area. We will help you determine where the drain field is. Give you maintenance tips to help prolong the service life of the system. We also look at the components of the house that drain into the septic system and give you tips on how they may affect the Septic System. We will also prepare any reports you may need to complete the real estate transaction.


4-Point Insurance Inspection


The Four Point Insurance Inspection is often required by insurance companies before offering insurance (especially homes 30 years old or older). This inspection consists of visual inspections of the (1) Roof (2) Electrical System (3) HVAC System and (4) Plumbing. Insurance companies want to know the current operating condition, the age of the components and systems, and expected remaining service life of these four areas. This an important part of a home inspection, one we look at closely during a home inspection to alert to any problems you may have in obtaining insurance at a later date.


Wind Mitigation


This inspection is a great way to save money on your homeowners insurance. This inspection makes sense for anyone, even if it is not required by your insurance company. A wind mitigation inspection lets insurance companies know about possible weak points of a home's roof and how it is attached. If your house has certain structural features that make the roof attachment stronger or your home has a hip roof, you could receive discounts on your insurance. If you would like to learn more, you can check "Wind Mitigation Information" here and start saving!


Chinese Drywall Inspections


Chinese drywall can be difficult to check for on your own. Special training is needed to understand where to look, how affected components will look if you have it, what to about it if you are found to have Chinese drywall in your home. Below are a few questions:


  • Was your home built or did you have new drywall installed between 2001-2008?


  • Do you notice a certain smell or odor when first entering your home, especially when not running the A/C? Does this smell dissipate soon after you've been in the home?


  • Have you had A/C problems?  Have you replaced your evaporator coils? 


  • Have you noticed your faucets corroding or do they have black spots that are hard to remove? 


  • Have you noticed blackened copper on refrigeration lines, wiring, plumbing or gas lines?



If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may have Chinese drywall in your home at some level. Chinese drywall is drywall that was imported from China (from approximately 2001 to 2007) which contains certain metals and minerals, such as sulfur, strontium and iron. Under certain conditions (typically warm, humid climates), the drywall will give off sulfur gases. These gases create an odor and corrode copper and other metal surfaces, which can damage the air conditioner, electrical wiring, copper plumbing, appliances and electronics. Chinese drywall can also affect your health. Long term health effects are unknown. It is important to understand that not all drywall manufactured in China is defective.

If you believe you may have the presence of Chinese drywall in your home, we can help. Our inspectors are trained and certified to detect the presence of Chinese drywall in your home.

You can learn more here at "Chinese Drywall Information"


Pool & Spa Inspections


The following is a brief description of what a pool and spa inspection covers:


  • We check the condition of pool deck, pool surface including tile work. We will give you tips on to help make the pool and deck look better and last longer.


  • Describe how pools and spas work. Go over the different valves and lighting controls.


  • Inspect the pump(s), filter(s), pool heater(s), and piping


  • Inspect the pools electrical system, check to make sure it is properly bonded, check for GFCI's


  • Identify safety issues, look for alarms on gates and doors


Maintenance Inspections


  • Have you lived in your home for a while?


  • Have you ever wondered what is in your attic?


  • Ever asked yourself, I wonder what kind of shape is my roof in?


  • Wondered if your home is safe, could I possibly save money on my insurance?


  • Ever think, is there something I could be doing better?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a "Maintenance Inspection" is for you. We will go through your home just like we would for a home inspection. We will point out any areas that might be of concern or require attention. We will discuss with you how you could make improvements that can make your home safer and more efficient. We might even be able to give you some tips on how to save money on your homeowners insurance policy. This is great idea for any existing home owners!


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