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Home Inspector Energy Saving Tips for Lake Mary Fl


Small changes for BIG Savings
on Home Energy Bills




Ever wonder why your utility bill keeps going UP!


Here are a few small changes to give you
BIG Savings on your energy bills!


  1. Install Ceiling Fans - by circulating the cool air you feel cooler!


  2. Replace Air Filter every month.


  3. Program your thermostat so you are only using energy when you are actually home.


  4. Block the sunlight heat with blinds or curtains.


  5. Consider installing a tankless water heater which only heats water when you need to use it.


  6. Seal and insulate around windows, doors and outlets and add insulation to attic.


  7. Stop wasting water by installing low flow shower heads and toilets.


  8. Get in the habit of turning it off or unplugging items you are not using.


  9. Sunlight is free, use it whenever possible.


  10. In the Kitchen - use the microwave when possible.


  11. Laundry - run full loads and use cold water.


  12. Replace old style light bulbs with the new energy efficient LED bulbs.



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